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How to create contact

>Goto lead management in the left menu of the homepage.
>Select contacts in the sub menu.
>In the new-group box give a name for your group.
>Select the product for the group.
>Select the employee you want to add to the group.
>Select the event if required.
>Click on 'Add Group'.
>To add contact details, select one of the following options: 'Add Individual'/'Import From Excel'/'Copy-Paste contacts'/'Import From Web Accounts'.

–If you select 'Add Individual':
>Enter the name and emailid of employees you would like to add to the list (Mandatory).
>Enter company info, custom field, profile summary and sales rep comments(Optional).
>Click on ‘Add to List’

–If you select 'Import from Excel':
>Browse and upload the Excel file which contains your contacts.
>You can refer to the sample excel file provided for the format.
>Click on 'Continue'.

–If you select 'Copy Email ID’s':
>Copy and paste your contacts into the text box provided.
>Click on 'Copy Contacts'.

– If you select 'Import from Web Accounts':
>Enter your valid mail id and password for Gmail/Yahoo.
>Click on 'Retrieve Contacts'.
>We will not store your mail id and password on our servers. It will only be used to retrieve your contacts.

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