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How to create an email campaign

>Goto lead management in the left menu of the home page.
>Select campaign in the sub menu.
>Enter the title of the campaign.
>Under campaign type select phone.
>In the description box provide a brief description about the campaign .
>Select start date and end date.
>Select the group to whom you want to send the campaign.
>Click on 'Continue'.
>Enter the subject of your email.
>Enter the 'From' name and 'From' email address.
>Select one of the following options :'Send a text mail'/'My templates'/'Select templates'.
>Click 'Next'.

•Send a text mail:
>Browse and attach files if any.
>Choose 'Plain text' or 'HTML format'and enter the body content.
>Alternatively you can also upload an external text file.
>Click on 'Preview' to view your email layout.
•My templates:
>Choose 'Plain text' or 'HTML format' and enter the body content.
>Click on 'Preview' to view your email layout.
•Select templates:
>Select any newsletter template.
>Customize the preloaded content by making the required changes.

>Click on 'Preview' to view your email layout.
>Check ‘Include Signature’ to add your signature (Optional).
>Select one of the following options:Save to Drafts/Send Mail/Schedule Delivery.
>Click on ‘Save to Drafts’ to save the email. You can modify and send the drafts whenever you wish to.
>Click on ‘Send Now’ to deliver the email immediately .
>Click on ‘Schedule Mail’ to choose a future date and time for your broadcast.

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