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Plexora tools contact helps you to manage contacts for a common task. You can create and edit groups of such contacts. Plexora contact groups allows you to bind products, events and employees.


How to create Contact groups

Go to Lead Management Click on Contacts window will open.
Add New Group:- To create fresh group you need to use default product or employee. The default product and employee have limited rights
> Enter the name of the group in New group text box and Assign Product, Employee
  and Event by choosing the respective selection options.
> Select Add Group
> You will be redirected to the Add/Import Contact Details
  Note:- Before creating a group you need to assign one product and employee to the group. In case required you can use Default Plexora product and default employee for product and employee assignment respectively.


How to Find Contact groups

You can find group by the group name in the Find Group text box and click Go.Alternatively, you can select contacts in the list of contact groups.


Add/Import Contact Details ( 4 ways to import contacts )

  Add individual
> Manage individual contact of the participants by adding their
  mandatory and optional details as given in the Contact detail form as shown in the below screenshot.
> Click on ‘Add to List’

  Import from Excel File
> Browse and upload the Excel file which contains your contacts.
> You can refer to the sample excel file provided for the format.
> Click on 'Continue'.

  Copy Email Id's
> Copy and paste your contacts into the text box provided and
  seperated by comma as shown in the below picture.
> Click on 'Copy Contacts'

  Import from WEB Accoutn
> Enter your valid mail id and password for Gmail/Yahoo.
> Click on 'Retrieve Contacts'.
> We will not store your mail id and password on our servers. It will
  only be used to retrieve your contacts.

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