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How do I join?
Product Management
How to create a product?
How can I add more details to a product?
How to add a member to the product?
Who can be members of my product?
What are product feeds?
How to add product feeds?
What does Billing include?
What does Billing Report mean?
How can I delete an unwanted product?
What happens when I delete a product?
Who can see messages posted in Product feeds?
How do I join an existing product?
Content Management
How to add documents to a project?
What is Document for Approval?
How to add and send documents for approval?
Can I see if members are receiving the documents?
is my company data safe and private?
How long does Buildingsteps store data?
Milestones & Tasks
What are Milestones?
How to add Milestone to a Project?
I want to add task to a Milestone. How can I do that?
How to compose a message?
I want to send message to selected users only. How can I do that?
How to view my sent messages?

Who can see messages sent to my inbox?

Themes and Templates
Can i change my homepage ?
How to change my site theme?
I want to change the existing template on my site?
Members and new users
Who can I invite to join on my network?
How can I add a new user?
How to look for the recent activities of members?
What if members create their network that is not work related?
How do I control who can join my Network?
How do I delete a member?
What happens when I inactivate a member?
Polls and Surveys
How to enter a poll on my site?
Can I add additional answer or edit the existing answers to my poll?
I want to Preview a poll, can I do that?
Can I change theme of a poll, How ?
Lead management
How to create a Phone Campaign?
How to create a Contact?
How to manage contact?
How to create an email campaign?
How to schedule mail?
How to manage draft?
How to view report?
Can i post from buildingsteps to Other social network sites *
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